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French Cooperages is the exclusive distributor for three extraordinary artisan French coopers,Tonnellerie Morlier, Tonnellerie Chassin, and Tonnellerie De Champagne Ardenne. Located in Portland Oregon, we cater to the fast growing wine regions of the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

Unlike others in our industry, we do not offer lower quality barrels with upgradable options. While we do offer an array of sizes, toasting levels, and stave thicknesses, we do not offer anything but fine to extra-fine grain French oak.

Providing a high level of customer service is our goal. Because we're local, we're able to work with you to make your job easier.

French Cooperages is the Exclusive Distributor for Three Artisan French Coopers

Tonnellerie Morlier
Tonnellerie Morllier

Bordeaux Barrels: (Traditional 225 Liter Size)

Located in the Medoc and providing barrels to some of the most renowned chateaux, including one of the five Premier Grand Cru Classé wineries, Morlier barrels are now available for the very first time in the United States.

From the creation in 1991, the company is located at Saint-Estèphe, only 50 kms from Bordeaux, in the heart of the Medoc vineyard, near the most famous wineries in the world.

Combining craftsmanship and technology, we manufacture traditional way of quality barrels for all wineries from the smallest to the most famous in France and worldwide. Because we are demanding in terms of quality for our customers, we select our suppliers coming from staves of the best French forests. We strive to establish a close relationship with our customers, to provide to wine a special relationship with the wood. For manufacturing, we have managed to bring together tradition, modernity and know-how through many years of experience.

Tonnellerie Chassin
Tonnellerie Chassin

Burgundy Barrels: (Traditional 228 Liter Size)

In the heart of Burgundy lies a cooperage that produces barrels for numerous Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards. Using traditional techniques and hand selected wood from the center of France these barrels offer incredible softness and integration to North American pinot noir.

In order to fully meet the individual requirements of our clients, we have decided to produce barriques and tonneaux in limited quantities, which are suitable for the premium wines that will be produced in them. This is possible thanks to close collaboration with clients, who are interested in following the manufacture of their barrels.

"The best barrel is produced thanks to mutual trust between wine maker and cooper"
Stéphane Chassin

Tonnellerie De Champagne Ardenne
Tonnellerie De Champagne Ardenne

Champagne Barrels: (Traditional 205 Liter Size)

This small cooperage in Reims, the only cooperage in all of the champagne region, offers sparkling wine producers for the first time the traditional and very unique 205 liter champagne barrels.


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